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You may not think of yourself as an athlete, but you should….

Everyone is an athlete. Any person who has goals of moving without pain and with a certain amount of strength and coordination to accomplish a task, you are an athlete. In fact, the athlete genes are in your DNA already and you have the ability to have better health and optimal performance today, no matter how old or broken you feel.  Movement is the basis of life and good movement results in good health and great performance, for everyone from office athletes to competitive sports athletes.  Poor movement results in pain, bad biomechanics, compensatory movement patterns, stress, and reduced performance.

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Biohacking the Brain and Body

We know how to take advantage of nature and technology to get an edge on performance, pain, and recovery like no one else. The use of sweat less exercise, infrared light, lymphatic compression, and other tools can improve hormonal function, drastically reduce inflammation, and heal tissues. This means clients experience improved recovery, wellness, healing of skin and other tissues, better sleep and increased overall wellness. Combine this with expert therapies and training, clients will have never experienced the level of wellness and resilience we can provide them.

Performance Training

Training is truly the “glue” that can take any of our therapies and make it stick, and is often why so often therapies can fail for many. Our master trainer and team work directly with the nervous system to improve performance of the entire body. This effectively changes the game and make the therapies we provide in the clinic stick. A combination of neurological based training (Zhealth), advanced strength and conditioning, and much more will improve movement, reduce pain, and make the body more and more bulletproof. They also empower the client to continue to make change and progress giving them the opportunity to maintain their results for a lifetime. We are also proud to now offer lifestyle and women’s health programs besides those for world class athletes and those in pain.

Extreme Care

Concussion and brain jury from sports or other injuries (car accidents, for example) will change your life and can take months or years. Our expert team aggressively but individually designs plans to address acute and chronic brain injuries and get our clients back to life and play. When other therapies have failed, our approach truly takes advantage of the entire body and cutting-edge research to get the job done. Care extends beyond the clinic as we give the client the tools they need to move beyond flare-ups and help them build the confidence they need to stay well. We have also designed programs to help individuals and teams learn how to drastically reduce their risk of brain injuries all while improving performance on the field or in life.

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is an awesome way to directly affect multiple aspects of your body’s performance and health. The use of manual therapy techniques to realign the spine and other joints of the body has been proven to improve neurological function, decrease muscular stress, and a whole host of other healthy functions such as immune system and behavior. Sounds like magic, but its just making the body work better at the most foundational level!

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NeuralTraining™ allows you to achieve rapid results through direct, targeted changes to your nervous system so you can enjoy the things you love longer and excel in all areas of your life.   It’s these changes will allow you to live a life that most people will never realize is possible. While everyone else is preaching diet, exercise, and even more training, we know that if you want REAL CHANGE there’s only one way – NEURALTRAINING™.  If you want to achieve rapid results through direct, targeted changes to your nervous system so you can feel better and get back to doing the things you love – now is your chance. 

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Performance Psychology

Our mix of Neuro and Performance Psychology is truly geared to help brain-based barriers to ultimate performance, reduction in pain, and resolving concussions. Our doctors can not only find problems and help to resolve them, they also empower clients with the tools to get results in life and on the field. These cutting-edge techniques are melded with technology to get results fast. They can even help with stress related issues and eating disorders whether you are an athlete, veteran, or just want life without the difficulty.

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Massage Therapy

Hands-on therapy can greatly improve how the body feels and overall health. We like to say we have intelligent hands in our clinic. Our two massage therapists have nearly 40 years of experience to help identify biomechanical issues and give you relief, speed your healing and improve recovery. Discover the effects that a true master therapist can create – from profound relaxation that heals the mind to increasing athletic performance. There are few therapists who can give you precisely what you need – ours can.

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Our approach centers on 3 principles.

At NeuroAthlete we look at all our clients through a “neurological lens”. Why? Because the nervous system is the governing system of the body and “speaks” to that genetic blueprint faster than any other system, to include the musculosckeletal system. This gets you the results you are seeking, and quickly. Our unique and diverse education and training allows us to have a more holistic view of our clients’ pain resolution, health, and performance training needs. 

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  • Authoritative Assessment Protocol: We assess our clients in-depth and often; we are continually reassessing how our procedures are affecting our clients to quickly dial in on what works. Further, we teach our clients how to asses themselves so they know what they are doing is helping right now and into the future.
  • Empower Clients with a Team: We use a team approach to assessing the source of any pain or dysfunction instead of simply treating symptoms; then we teach the client drills and exercises that can be used at home to continue, and even expedite, the improvement process.

  • Providing Hope: We develop confidence for our clients through results, education, and trust; many of our clients have commented that they were told “this is just the way you are now…” or “this is your new normal…”, meaning they must now live with the pain or dysfunction they currently have; we have found most issues are resolvable given proper training and client compliance; we get results, we teach our clients the “how’s” and “why’s” of their issues, and build a relationship built on shared trust.

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