It’s going to be warm soon and we want to be more active! But are you extra tired? Have brain fog? More soreness or pain than usual? It could be a sign of less than optimal hydration. Not just are our mouths are thirsty, our muscles and even our brains are thirsty, and are not only quenched by drinking. Let’s see briefly why hydration is crucial for our whole body health.
The human body, as a whole, is approximately 70% water. The cells that make up your body are primarily water and are surrounded with water. Muscles and soft tissue are 79% water where your brain is 60% and heart 73%. Even your bones are greater than 30% water. All normal body functions require sufficient water intake. Heat, respiration and strenuous exercise all increase the need to replenish our liquid reserves.
A less obvious side effect of dehydration can be an increase in levels of pain. Staying hydrated is a huge key to preventing injuries and make movement feel better, but drinking water only goes so far in hydrating our tissues, the other key is we must MOVE to hydrate!

Here’s why:

Our bodies have this great stuff that fills the spaces between fibers and cells called extracellular matrix/ground substance- water and glycosoaminoglycans, which is a little bit like gelatin. Without getting too technical, its job is to lubricate and nourish our muscles, fascia, tendons, etc. This substance draws water into connective tissue and keeps it there. This is made possible by movement combined with of water you drink. .

Not drinking water + not moving = tissue jerky :-)) Ok bad joke, but thats what my imagination saw. The good thing is, this movement does not have to be difficult or complicated to be effective for tissue hydration.

Another crucial and fascinating point is that the brain sends signals to organs and joints for basic movements and processes with the use of water. Studies are finding that when the brain is dehydrated it can impair these signals and result not only in more pain, but also fatigue and depression, decreased reaction time, and impaired focus.
Isn’t it fascinating to think that we can improve our mood and reduce anxiety with something as simple as water and movement?!

Signs we need water besides thirst:

  • dark urine
  • weakness/lethargy
  • headache
  • dizziness
  • increased heart rate
  • low blood pressure
  • dry mouth
A general recommendation for water intake (not coffee, teas, soda or juice):
Men -12 (8 oz) glasses
Women -10 (8oz) glassesIt’s important to remember this is a rough guide. Each person’s individual lifestyle demands, age, diet, altitude and climate vary and must be considered. If you’re unsure of what’s best for you, why not start by adding a little to more your daily intake, and see if you feel better!Hydration is one more aspect of staying healthy in these challenging times. So, don’t let your hydration and healthy activity slide. We are here to help if you need assistance or motivation to move well!

With Love,