Your Work is Killing Your Gains! Pain and performance issues when working from home.

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The Working-From-Home Epidemic We are facing a new epidemic of pain. Why? It’s simple. Poor ergonomics of home work environments are causing injury—and we suddenly have a lot of people working from home. Whether you’re talking about an actual home office, your dining room table, or favourite armchair-turned-virtual office space, the average desk jockey has


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Don’t I already do this? 20,000 times a day? In reality, many of us are struggling to get enough air and often don’t even know it!  In this critical time of COVID-19 worries--and other high-anxiety situations--we must breathe well to feel well and even THINK well.  Good breathing can also reduce inflammation in

Minimalist Shoes Part I: Are they right for you?

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Minimalist shoes have had a lot of attention over the last decade or so, and while some people and “authorities” love them, some hate them. In Part I we want to answer two questions for you: How do you define what makes a shoe “minimalist”? Are minimalist shoes better for you? Question 1: What

Flexibility: “Do you still stretch, bro?”

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People often talk about needing to “be more flexible” but actually have a hard time verbalizing what that really means, or what they really want.  Often, what the average person really wants is to feel less stiff in their daily life and have more range of motion, either in general or during exercise. Here’s

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