Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy may be all you need to get out of pain, correct movement dysfunction, or learn a new movement skill.  However, it is also the natural progression from the clinical chiropractic, manual therapy or soft tissue treatments at NeuroAthlete.

Our Exercise Therapy is individual to every client, because every client is different – their history, their pain, their movement patterns, and their goals – and what works for one person’s “shoulder pain” may not work for the next person who walks in with seemingly the same issue. Exercise Therapy may include practices like individual joint mobility drills, vision or balance training, breathing mechanics, muscle testing, nerve mobility, or sensory integration stimulation.

Exercise Therapy services have three main goals:

  • Empower our clients with drills and exercises that immediately improve their condition (pain, range of motion issues, movement dysfunction, concussion/TBI symptoms, etc.); this allows the client to get the necessary repetitions in the clinic and at home to create positive change in the nervous system
  • Educate our clients about their issue(s) and nervous system so they better understand what to expect, what can be done, and what got them to this point (so we can stop doing those things!)
  • Assessments are done continually to narrow down the root causes of the pain or dysfunction and find the very best applications our clients can replicate

Performance Training

Performance Training at NeuroAthlete is where we want to get everyone to once we have them out of pain or have addressed gross movement dysfunctions. Our goals here are to help our clients:

  • Move & play without pain or fear
  • Improve fitness, conditioning, & body composition
  • Improve specific sports performance

Performance Training services fall into two broad categories:

  • Health & Fitness
    • Functional movement & range of motion assessments
    • Individualized fitness programming
    • Nutritional counseling
    • In clinic personal training
    • Small group fitness classes
    • Semi-Private training with personalized programming
    • Goal-specific training programs (i.e. run your first 5K, prepare for an obstacle course race, etc.)
  • Sports Athletic Performance
    • Sports vision training
    • Basic athletic movement skills
    • Balance and agility training
    • Concussion risk reduction program
    • Sport-specific Strength & Conditioning
    • Long distance and sprint running skills
    • Sport-specific joint mobility and dynamic flexibility
    • Sport-specific skill enhancement