Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy…an investment in your health and powerful ally in your self-care regimen.

Massage is the scientific art of assessing and manipulating the soft tissue structures of the body with the goal of improving and normalizing these systems. This includes manual techniques (using very subtle to deep pressure with hands, arms, elbows), active or passive stretching and and active movement.

It is estimated that over 90% of disease is related to physical, chemical, and/or emotional, stress. As we age, we all want to move easier in exercise and as we age. Skilled bodywork can eliminate problematic compensation patterns before they become chronic or debilitating, sometimes preventing more invasive procedures (ie surgery). This can mean prevention, possible elimination of pain from sports and repetitive injury, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, headaches, migraine, TMJ- This achieved by improving muscle tone, elasticity, eliminating adhesions, trigger points, spasms from injury, overuse, or infection, and even improve function of the gut. The medical community has long embraced massage therapy as a compliment to traditional treatments. Massage therapy can help minimize negative effects of these stresses and optimize the subtle interactions between all body systems, reducing pain, improving performance and emotional balance.

Massage benefits like stress reduction, increased energy, better sleep. Results go deeper, though! Increased endorphins help us with self esteem and clarity. The immune system also can be boosted by 25% with regular treatment, so you get sick less! Symptoms from cancer treatment, arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic diseases can be reduced significantly. Massage has even been shown to lower blood pressure, increase pulmonary function, and assist in concussion recovery. Massage can also enhance post-surgical recovery, organ and lymphatic function.

The Athlete

For athletes, massage greatly enhances recovery. Massage enhances blood flow providing optimal recovery of muscles and tissue repair, eliminating soreness and poor movement resulting from training. Combined with our other other recovery methods and training at NeuroAthlete, massage should be a cornerstone of any serious athlete’s performance training program.

Why work with us

Your investment of time and money need to count! You will receive an individualized treatment plan, not a generic protocol. This means using a variety of techniques and a unique self care plan based your goals and body’s response.

The superior massage therapy services provided at NeuroAthlete work closely with the doctors and trainers to ensure you understand what will get you the most effective outcomes. We are outcome oriented, hungry for knowledge and always looking for ways to improve the way we help our clients.

The power of skilled bodywork is hard to dismiss!